mixed media colored pencil with watercolor




A Little About Me

My Art & Teaching Resume

I am as an artist known nationally for my colored pencil and mixed media work. I am contrarian by nature and so I am a leading proponent of a loose colored pencil style.

• I teach classes in drawing and colored pencil techniques to adults at colleges and art centers
• I give talks about creatiity for businesses, meetings, and workshops
• I do workshops in advanced colored pencil techniques.

I earned Signature (CPSA), Experimental Signature (CPX), and Five Year Merit recognition for my artwork from the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA). My work has won awards in local and national juried art competitions and it has been published in the books The Best of Colored Pencil 4 and Signature Showcase.

I studied fine art and photography in college as part of earning my BFA from Boston University. I use photography for my artwork, print selected photographs, and sell images for use on websites and in publications. In addition, I created the book I'd be nice to come home to about furniture left on the street.

Art Statement

I think of my artwork as pausing time. Each image captures a space in time for personal contemplation and rest. The space can be any place, but it is almost always outdoors in nature, on the street where I live, or places I visit.

Fog, rain, and darkness are frequent subjects of my work. They offer the contemplative space I am trying to achieve and leave room for interpretation. The media and techniques I use emphasize the ambiguity of what I see. I work predominantly in colored pencil and frequently mix media by adding watercolor or ink.

Photography Statement

I am attracted to the compositional elements of picture making. I believe the strength of a picture is in the underlying design and that is what I see when work on a drawing, painting or photograph. I look for the abstract image in the viewfinder. I trust the camera to capture the detail since that's its functional design. I make photographic images that are strong abstract compositions. My images ask the viewer to design the details of the story.

Light and dark drive the visual experience and control mood. The camera is my sketchbook and visual diary for testing ideas about light and composition. I take photographs to record and remember: ideas, details, and moments. My photographs are used in two ways: as a starting point for creating artwork in other media, and as photographic images that communicate strongly on their own - these are the images I print and frame.

I speak about creativity to groups. Ask me about doing a presentation at your next meeting or event.

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